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Residents and visitors of Pelican Pointe are reminded that the speed limit within the village is 20 km. and council is asking everyone to abide by this.

How time flies! The July 20, 2020 Pelican Pointe Recreation Committee Update deserves a good read from all residents in our community. After three years and hundreds of hours of dreaming, planning, grant applications, personal and corporate fundraising along with a good measure of muscle relaxers, the play area project is complete. Our children are playing on the structure NOW and in much the same way future generations will enjoy with this gift.

Congratulations to the committee...you did it on time, on budget and as promised.

Well done!
RV Pelican Pointe Mayor and Council.

March 24, 2020

Residents of Pelican Pointe please have a look at the attached links from various  Government of Saskatchewan departments. 

Also, a short note of appreciation to our residents who are diligent in their efforts to thwart COVID-19. On several occasions over this past weekend I experienced personally and witnessed several groups of individuals chatting while separated at least 2 metres from each other. Clearly our residents are seriously taking charge of their actions as they play an important role to a healthy environment. Cheers to you all! 

Please be encouraged to keep a watchful eye on your neighbours and continue your responsible actions during this crisis. 

Be well. 

Mayor and Council

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, please visit


Pathway from Watson Street to Main Beach will be under construction until the Spring of 2020

Defibulator location:
May to September - 37 Richards Street 
October to April - 31 Richards Street